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#Egypt UPDATE 1-Egyptian pound steady on official market, weaker on black market: CAIRO, Dec 21 (Reuters) - Th...

Twitter: @NorAfroWatch

RT @VINNews: Cairo - Egyptian 'Spy' Gets 10 Years Prison For Passing Intel On Iranian Warships' To Israel

Twitter: @shababnik1

"No one rocks Cairo like we do" correction, no one rocks Cairo like Zei does 😊❤️ #fact #bestradiopresenterever #nilefm @Zeinabhegarty 👌

Twitter: @radwaelgoharyy

RT @nehagandhi: Different kind of #playingdressup -- #backpackers #egypt #Cairo #backpacking

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Take outta Cairo like jordan off da Bulls , how you da king Of yo city You'n got no pull

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RT @KidsWithClass_: s/o to the guys that only have their eyes on one girl

Twitter: @Kid_Cairo

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