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@RoxillaTheKilla the fair at Cal Expo got ppl wildn out tonight lmao

Twitter: @sickasspue

@oxeyebellis lol. Yeah, hes been working for them for a while now. I used to manage a few stands at Cal Expo so i know hella vendors there.

Twitter: @boomclickpow

Big racing weekend here...Sacramento Mile is Saturday night at Cal Expo, and NHRA is running all weekend in Sonoma...take your pick!

Twitter: @JimCrandell

covering @sacrepublicfc during their game at Sac Soccer Day at Bonney Field in Cal Expo

Twitter: @inopinate

@TonyBagz The state fair at Cal Expo in Sacramento.

Twitter: @SFGiantsMadBum

omg the guy at cal expo let us park for free

Twitter: @dimpIhes