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@Nashgrier what church I'm catholic

Twitter: @afterxjennifer

“@Nashgrier: Meet up next Sunday at church bring yo friends” sorry i already attend catholic school 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚

Twitter: @frantasfinest

Wish there was some way could attend a funeral while refusing to set foot in a Catholic Church #dilemma

Twitter: @MissyMairead

@Nashgrier not very catholic to meet up at church

Twitter: @hadleysharna

Now, why do you suppose Nancy Pelosi, a devout Catholic be in an Episcopalian Church washing the feet of...

Twitter: @kd5ylo

Off course we are a christian country in spite of Church of England encouraging other faiths and Roman Catholic being user unfriendly !

Twitter: @pje70