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As a Christian ecclesiastical term, Catholic - from the Greek adjective , meaning "general" or "universal" Liddell The word is associated with the adverb (or ), meaning "on the whole", "in general", "completely", "entirely" (...
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Calls for Minnesota Archbishop to resign. The stomach churning horrors of catholicism continue... #atheist

Twitter: @WordOfCase

Starting to believe Christianity and Catholicism is the world's biggest form of disinformation

Twitter: @GrandMasterSky

"I love trashy feminists/liberals who hate on Catholicism & Christianity. You're doing great with this whole "equality" thing." really???

Twitter: @FeminineFem

RT @CatholicsTweet: YOU Gotta "Fix the Church" Cardinal Raymond Burke Agrees. Shocking? Video! RETWEET #Catholics #c…

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"Fix the Church", BEFORE we can "Fix Society". Shocking? Video! RETWEET #Catholics #catholicism

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@CatholicDems are you saying Catholicism has NO INFLUENCE in Latin America?

Twitter: @kyliewylie78