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As a Christian ecclesiastical term, Catholic - from the Greek adjective , meaning "general" or "universal" Liddell The word is associated with the adverb (or ), meaning "on the whole", "in general", "completely", "entirely" (...
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I think we finally resolved out "Catholicism as a culture" argument after about 90 minutes of arguing. That was fantastic.

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@derichio - in case you were looking to explore Catholicism. Loved your work at Comedy Bar!

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You can just SEE when Catholicism froze. Iit's practically dated.

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@Chrisyahahha, atheists and self described "free thinkers" only engage in religion of Islam/Christianity and Catholicism... never with COS

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Boston Globe Hires Journalist to Focus on Catholicism

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RT @CatholicsTweet: No more Chruch of Nice, only true Catholicism #Catholics #Conservatives RETWEET

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