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As a Christian ecclesiastical term, Catholic - from the Greek adjective , meaning "general" or "universal" Liddell The word is associated with the adverb (or ), meaning "on the whole", "in general", "completely", "entirely" (...
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@10NewsCoronel @10News Anti-Catholicism is alive and well in the mainstream media and their willful lies about reports that didn't happen.

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Pope Gilbert Godfreid cuts the ribbon at the new Catholicism themed amusement park... ' Big Hat Land' @SundaySinfest #ABSRDNewsHeadlines

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"Alright I'll say it. I'll say it again. Now can I go home to my toys?!" @billburr ➜ top notch catholicism clowning ⤵

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Year of Faith event: Shakespeare & Catholicism - July 31, 2013

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@OneGodOneDream no sir I'm happy with Catholicism lol thanks tho

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@TheDudeInSF @mohdazim45 I'm guessing in the same way that Jehovah Witness's don't represent Catholicism. Same bible, dif interpretations

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