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@TravHernandez Cedric benson, Cadillac Williams. Solid ass FAs!! Hahaha

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Cedric Benson 2005 Score Rookie Card

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.. @Cedric_Benson Terrance Metcalf @drebly_32 Brandon Marshall @QuentinGroves @BrianDawkins @LanceBriggs @champbailey

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I think the raiders should sign ben tate & hell cedric benson i here hes trying for a comeback #footballwasteland #smfh

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#WSwouldyourather Would you rather lose to Lovie on Sunday or get run over by Cedric Benson circa 2009 to the tune of 189 and a TD?

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RT @Cianaf: Mason is fantastic as a runner. Who knows about the rest, but at worst he can be a Cedric Benson/LeGarrette Blount type.

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