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@NBrossette Texas? Earl Cambell, Ricky Williams, Cedric Benson and Jamal Charles?

Twitter: @EMERYmichael

Well I mean Texas got mad legends at RB! Earl Thomas, Ricky Williams, Priest Holmes, Cedric Benson Jamaal Charles, J-Gray & ehem @NBrossette

Twitter: @YoungHookEm

RT @ATXANT10: @jyoung3056 @TexasUberAlles @NBrossette @jcharles25 @Rickthelaureate @EarlCCampbell @Cedric_Benson Worster, James Saxton, and…

Twitter: @jyoung3056

@jyoung3056 @TexasUberAlles @NBrossette @jcharles25 @Rickthelaureate @EarlCCampbell @Cedric_Benson Worster, James Saxton, and Rosevelt Leaks

Twitter: @ATXANT10

“@TexasUberAlles: @jyoung3056 @NBrossette @jcharles25 @Rickthelaureate @EarlCCampbell @Cedric_Benson don't forget Priest Holmes”Next on list

Twitter: @jyoung3056

@jyoung3056 @NBrossette @jcharles25 @Rickthelaureate @EarlCCampbell @Cedric_Benson don't forget Priest Holmes

Twitter: @TexasUberAlles

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