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RT @drrajmetri: @ydeonia @InnocentBachcha @aapist @UmaSinghal1 @khabarist @aartic02 Joke of the century! "dharna derails economy"

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Wait, you're telling me a century old business model that has refused to change is crumbling? No shocker here.

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We live in a resurrection economy. Rebuilding the 20th century using 19th century ideas, and scraps and mash. Halfway in; nowhere to stay

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The sharing economy brings upon a cut-throat style capitalism in the 21st-century, where competition further becomes normalised.

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Global warming to disrupt US economy by mid-century, report finds ( video)

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RT @SenWarren: Mass. continues to lead in the 21st-century innovation economy w/ new tech that is good for our environment & health http://…

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