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RT @emmacatttt: "thanks to horizon charter school im living my dream!!!" r u sure

Twitter: @JJCortright

RT @anonygooose: Gulen Charter Schools in Arizona have been linked to cash taken to Gulen School in Mexico. Arizona still fails to investig…

Twitter: @GooseNetworkUSA

@jrm20k I have no kids so I just found out what a charter school was. If it makes you feel better, the kids aren't going there.

Twitter: @cristela9

RT @__aimeT: @_Cheerio__ no I go to some charter school . text me

Twitter: @_Cheerio__

RT @ajc: Charter school strikes $14 million deal, raises big questions

Twitter: @Rellej57

@_lugglugg 😂😂😅 I Was At A Charter School when that happen!!

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