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@MikeAndMike @KirkHerbstreit Wonder if Chip Kelly & the Eagles will make a big trade to get him.

Twitter: @PatriotWay1

@adamclanton @LanceZierlein that guy probably said Chip Kelly's offense wouldn't work in the NFL

Twitter: @IrishMik

@MikeAndMike @KirkHerbstreit Like Chip Kelly?!

Twitter: @midnightslacker

@MikeAndMike @KirkHerbstreit Chip Kelly have a twitter account? retweet this to him, please.

Twitter: @jimnduncan

@MikeAndMike @KirkHerbstreit I don't think Chip Kelly and the Eagles will get that chance

Twitter: @CoryT9783

@JY975 @HARRYMAYES975 @975TheFanatic - Is Chip Kelly's honeymoon over?

Twitter: @njp08phils

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