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RT via UNDERGROUND HOUSE MUSIC FB: Chris Thompson Zach C [Zach Clark] & Birdy [Robert Heirman] will be opening f...

Twitter: @Tha_MBJ

@jillkristen as great as it would be to see you Saturday, the party is Friday ;-)

Twitter: @the_chris_clark

RT @AndrewKingHorns: Awesome picture of TE Prospect Chris Clark. #HookEm "@Clark8Chris: Pretty sweet”

Twitter: @polisciman75

@cngrsmn_clark chris, suck my ass. please

Twitter: @nthonyagrusa

“@rwhelz: @JRedmond_ just act like assholes that's what me Chris and Clark did we acted like we were good” Ryan you were not an asshole

Twitter: @GoHard_Brown

RT @Kal_L_Superman: @RobynL14 Lois, Clark and Chris deserve happiness, especially after the hell they've been through in the New 52.

Twitter: @MaritzaRosa21

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