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Just preordered this for Christmas Day and stupidly did not realise it's not free range! Super unhappy @waitrose!

Twitter: @zigazighmmm

I just want to cuddle up & watch Christmas movies for the rest of the day. 🎄🎅🎥😍

Twitter: @victoriacarrell

Looking forward to a 4 day long weekend. #Christmas shopping with my sis

Twitter: @lisa51966

@samtwomiller on the third day of christmas, my true love gave to me 3 deep dish pizzas 2 days in chicago and a sam miller being rational

Twitter: @robynfears

Christmas movies all day with my favorite two friends , my blanket & food ☺️😍

Twitter: @treaabayaa_

I've been working on Christmas gifts a majority of the day and I might have broken my rule and listened to a Christmas song.

Twitter: @jordieswartz

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