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it feels like Christmas Eve I'm so excited uhg

Twitter: @princesspay

this is like Christmas Eve all over again

Twitter: @5SecsofTiffany

So aprntly tmrw is suppose to be like "Christmas Eve" all over again at work cuz someone had the bright idea to change Easter into treat day

Twitter: @Kdiddie1

Tonight is like Christmas Eve, and the next 7 days will be like Christmas... #Colorado

Twitter: @BenFredette

Like a kid on Christmas eve I can't wait for tomorrow. Can't wait to compete and get to work. #festivus #cft #compete

Twitter: @Bredain

It's like trying to fall asleep on Christmas Eve. #cantsleep #game1 #rtz #wethenorth #NorthernUprising #letsgo

Twitter: @DeeksHightower

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