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Chuck Hayes on twitter
RT @ltsChuckBass: Chuck Bass is perfect

Twitter: @bentley_hayes

RT @amyschumer: Why is no one talking about my leaked photos?

Twitter: @Chuck_Mo_Hayes

I been sellin crack since like the fifth grade

Twitter: @Chuck_Mo_Hayes

Crazy to say but it turns out all them celebs that had their nudes leaked today undersized as Chuck Hayes in terms of titties & booties.

Twitter: @levoyelle

RT @LyndaHere: Songwriters' Circle, session one, @TonderFestival . Chuck Brodsky, John Fullbright, Hudson Taylor, Hayes Carll…

Twitter: @HayesCarllFans

RT @InaMaziarcz: Theres like a Political Divide at MSNBC. Chuck Toddweight, Andrea Mitchell, and a couple others, on one side. Then maddo…

Twitter: @synapses18