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@JoshEberley I love both players but stats do not always tell the story. Look at guys like Chuck Hayes. Great defensive player but no stats

Twitter: @and1_nw

@AJIsTheReal @FredFaour who shoots the ugliest free throws Dwight Howard or chuck Hayes?

Twitter: @iKillTreesDaily

@DBlye I like how basketball guys bring up how hard working the star players are and they don't go on about how important Chuck Hayes is

Twitter: @HellblazerVice

@ayeemzee Thanks! I probably would have pushed for Chuck Hayes or John Wall Faris.

Twitter: @KevinWFaris

RT @JennyJohnsonHi5: Now is really not the time for you to be trying to get anal from your followers. RT @UberFacts: Rectal massages can cu…

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But its not like he was walking down the sidewalk listening to chuck Hayes then a cop rolled up on blasting a AK.. Like for real..

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