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I got : Jean-Michel Basquiat! Which member of the 27 Club are you? via @play_buzz

Twitter: @Goofyfan_Chuck

2014 End of Session wrap up: new 2015 CA gun laws from Chuck Michel

Twitter: @CRPAnews

RT @CeeAubrey: Tip-toeing in yo chuck or que putas?

Twitter: @destinyy_michel

RT @RyanMcPartlin: Fun article from @theTVaddict about #Chuck & how it still resonates with our fans...

Twitter: @michel_pag

#CHUCK already 3 years !!!! #CHUCKDAY be proud to say you need a #ChuckMovie

Twitter: @michel_pag

America's Second Amendment is a protection against tyranny. We know a thing or two about tyranny.

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