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Cinco de mayo is going to destroy👨🇮🇹🍻

Twitter: @Mad_dicksonn

Bricks in Cinco De Mayo & my whole crew goin for the gusto! 🎰

Twitter: @PacMan_Supreme

Cinco de mayo is just our regular friday night

Twitter: @Dgracej

RT @JosesLovesYou: Cinco de Mayo means five of mayonnaise in Spanish.

Twitter: @eborg01

@dwallis15 @IanLustila May 5th, Cinco de mayo. Keep that on the brain big boys

Twitter: @ADAMnshame34

RT @ExploreSpaceKSC: El Día de la Batalla de Puebla or The Day of Battle of Puebla is better known as Cinco de Mayo. Enjoy the day to all w…

Twitter: @LizConcel

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