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RT @FootLuci: @DomConsumesEvil please help!! Preg mum, 2 asthmatic kids and Southampton City Council leave us living like pond life!

Twitter: @RebeccaCees

RT @FootLuci: @DomLittlewood Dom really could use some help after a 7 yr pointless battle with Southampton City Council !!…

Twitter: @RebeccaCees

RT @DenisMacShane: Interesting election result Blackbird Leys Ward, Oxford City Council . Lab 509, UKIP 91 Con 27 Green 21 TUSC 13 LD 11.

Twitter: @gezkirby

This city council we acquiesce in contemplation of take over that the reduction to elements: sEjyzJf

Twitter: @ShirleyDutton1

Milton Keynes council are total wankers. It's black Friday and they've shut roads in/out of the city for a fucking bike race. Genius!

Twitter: @Fulham_Dave

Inaugural Meeting of the 2014 - 2018 Council of the City of Markham -

Twitter: @Amanda_Collucci