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Flooded area of Bajada near Davao light..who is responsible for this? hohoh..any actions City Government of Davao??

Twitter: @ProfHitch

@Revolution__ist @QueenLinda83 the American government has done the same with inner city youth in this country what's the diff?

Twitter: @LouMinoti

Everyone dont forget to get your permission slips and TLEs signed today, especially for city government takeover day! But also Anything Goes

Twitter: @TaylorHupp

DN Editorial: SO UNAPPEALING: Tax deadbeats, non-collections & a government starving its own city #Philly

Twitter: @benstango

To bring balance to the local ecosystem, our city government has contracted a band of snipers to do something about all these woodwoses.

Twitter: @WarrenIsDead

Victims also asking the Caloocan City government to provide food, clothing shelter. Some chose to sleep in sidewalks near burnt homes.

Twitter: @PHLNewsHour