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RT @planetepics: Chicago City Hall`s Green Roof

Twitter: @GTXFuture

RT @HillelNeuer: The terrorist pinned down by Jerusalem's mayor didn't understand one thing: you can't fight City Hall.

Twitter: @EHamilton92

RT @HillelNeuer: Jerusalem's bad-ass mayor just captured a Palestinian terrorist who stabbed a religious Jew next to City Hall…

Twitter: @Felipe09163642

JERUSALEM: Arab Muslim Terrorist stabs Israeli Jew in front of City Hall

Twitter: @pinnie99

RT @parksandrecnbc: Take one last stroll through Pawnee City Hall this Tuesday at 10/9c. #ParksandRec

Twitter: @ImNancyIm

What is filming in downtown SF?? Quite a few trailers down by city hall...

Twitter: @erinjeanc

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