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It ain't always sunny in Philadelphia @ Philadelphia City Hall

Twitter: @darrenburton_

Cheer on ToTs member Randy at the Division B Speech Contest on Apr. 17 at 7 PM at Van. City Hall! @D21Toastmasters

Twitter: @toastmastersTOT

Coal City: Town hall turnout less than expected

Twitter: @NorthernILAlive

Celebrate our national championship win with a parade! It passes along Seward & Union - join the team at City Hall. Starts Thurs @4pm.

Twitter: @UnionStuAct

Toast to safe travels! 💙 @ City Hall The Restaurant

Twitter: @CrazyClarine

@MisterJayEm Not a surprise though that dishonest at the top leads to similar administrator selections + pervasive culture at city hall

Twitter: @thelowedown

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