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RT @whitjones: 10 city block. 10 city blocks. That's how big the Youth Bloc was today — an estimated 50,000 students! Totally blown away. #…

Twitter: @RevEverett

Make no mistake, City needed to beat us today but failed, little wonder Pellegrini is so tetchy.

Twitter: @Chelsea_Fella

What an uncanny city.

Twitter: @rj_el

RT @Michael67677: Glasgow not the only city with large donations today for food banks. Well done Dundee!! #yescities

Twitter: @A2Mac

RT @jonnyjlm: Maritime city. I forget sometimes. #NYC

Twitter: @Elementary_Fans

RT @SportsComedy_: The Kansas City Clowns

Twitter: @will_harrison65

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Tom Rath, $11.18
Gone Girl: A Novel
Gillian Flynn, $8.07
R. J. Palacio, $8.74
Outliers: The Story of Success
Malcolm Gladwell, $6.19