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RT @OwenJones84: Remember Libya? The poster child of Western interventionism is collapsing into a horrible civil war

Twitter: @davidaslindsay

RT @Sammie_N_IK: "@chuzzus: - can we just chill and wait for Phyno vs Olamide next"<<<Fucking civil war

Twitter: @Ayo___O

RT @AlArabiya_Eng: #Libya unrest pushing country to brink of civil war: experts

Twitter: @Istanbultelaviv

@fischerville You had a civil war, and you killed more Americans than we did, yet you eulogize the winners.

Twitter: @Nutsflipped_z_1

@dpnewkirk1 weren't the yankees the union in the civil war lol

Twitter: @jessicawagner79

@DanielEdison_ I was reacting the American Civil War when my prop broke. I Musket that fixed

Twitter: @VonTouten