Topic: Civil War
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Civil War on twitter "The median price for the game on the secondary market is $535" Wonder how much the Civil War comes in at. LOL

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RT @AQpk: Instead of ending crisis, Saad Rafiq threatens to bring out #PMLN protesters. Socmed Party trolls threaten civil war…

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The pre-Civil War frontier is quite untapped on film. Man, Day-Lewis and the hardened, bitter "Trapper" driven further west. Great stuff.

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I believe #Ferguson is a powder keg waiting to explode into a full blown civil war.

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@Patricialicious @KatCapps too bad we were hope'n the hard thugs were going to drive USA into civil war. Oh well next time maybe. #anonymous

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Instead of visiting Jaffna, reading Romesh Gunesekera's taut post-civil war stories. He's a master. @GrantaBooks

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