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“@SimplyIkran:Ewww I see people championing interracial marriage on my TL.I feel the need to barf.”r u trying to undo civil rights movements

Twitter: @saadia_mebchour

Virtually evry civil rights movmnt (incl Asian American Movement) created programs to improve local neighbourhoods #AmericanRevolutionary

Twitter: @reappropriate

RT @JANatJAN: Disability Rights are Civil Rights

Twitter: @ADAinfo

RT @weepysweetmonty: I whispered the Kanye lyric "put my fist in to her like a civil rights sign" and my dad almost heard me

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RT @AllenWest: Angry black woman gives Palestine supporters a smack down for trying to equate their cause with civil rights…

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RT @reappropriate: When remembering civil rights history, we must always remember the importance community programs played. #AmericanRevolu…

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