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RT @CutmanMatt: First purchase after a lottery win: Oil painting of myself as a civil war general or maybe a samurai.

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RT @DBreban: Nonsensical analysis of the Iraqi situation in the Fairfax papers. A terrorist group slaughtering everyone in sight isn't a ci…

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Maryland Sheriff: I Will Not Allow Feds To Take Guns In My County, It Would Be Civil War

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RT @RevolutionSyria: When mass slaughter & mass destruction are not considered terrorism; just civil war! #Syria

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RT @JHStY: Maryland Sheriff to Feds: Try and Take Our Guns, and You’ll Get a Civil War #2A #GunControl #NRA

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RT @AIIAmericanGirI: So the Democrats started the KKK after the civil war. Learn something new every day. @servivor1 @ObamasMentors @Monsta…

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