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Civil War on twitter
RT @irico_harmony: Ukr used SS-21 missiles, now all can name ATO as Ukraine civil War, total fascist war against citizens of Donbass.

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#natsec 3 decades later, bodies of 31 killed during Guatemala civil war massacre are laid to rest

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A love like Maggie's & Danny's despite the Civil War & Cammie & Noah's despite a hurricane & flood, like no other … …

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RT @verafilatova: "Let Eastern Ukraine go. It's small and irrelevant" Huffpost talks about 'civil war' as a US war against Russia. http:…

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This moron hasn't the brains God gave geese!. Another has been liberal idiot!

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RT @HistoryWarfare: Finland's Civil War 1918: Red & White Suomi and the Kinship Wars, 1918-1922 #Finland #History #Warfare #RED #White http…

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