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@klvalverde @GoPiggies @WoolfolkLarr @LibCrib was heard when Lincoln was elected and the civil war right after that

Twitter: @LarryWoolfolk

RT @asamdala: 25 killed in "fresh" Nigerian attack. Is it too early for African military assistance before #Nigeria descends into civil war?

Twitter: @PascalMusiQ

RT @EvanLouis_: "@AllFoodFacts: Acorns were used as a coffee substitute during the American Civil War." THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR COFFEE

Twitter: @OliverrYou

#NowPlaying Civil War - ROME IS FALLING :: Tune In:

Twitter: @TBFMLive

Putin warns of #Ukraine civil war as Kiev moves on rebels - 16 April... #KramatorskRussianPresidentVladimirPutin

Twitter: @GiterDoneNews

CEC still sending work e-mail press releases. "Appeal to stop installed Ukrainian government from starting a civil war". Wrong audience.

Twitter: @ilasl