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RT @themoornextdoor: Between Algeria and France: The origins of the Berber movement Fazia Aïtel, Claremont McKenna C…

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@hkust is Asia's @CMCnews Claremont McKenna College

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@deeyeahnuh some chicks at this college tour of Claremont McKenna, they're from the east coast

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@femfreq Wouldn't be the first time a #feminazi fabricated ridiculous accusations Claremont McKenna College psychology professor Kerri Dunn

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According to @ApplyMap, I'm a great fit at Yale University and Claremont McKenna College. This questionnaire was worth the shot.

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USC MATH COLLOQUIUM WED 9/3 @ 3:30 KAP 414 Mark Huber (Claremont McKenna College) "Building a better Bernoulli factory"

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