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Colin Kaepernick on twitter
RT @49ers: We uncovered some rare photos of @Kaepernick7 from the 2014 season. VIEW:

Twitter: @ArloTan

Which skill would 49ers fans take from Alex Smith and give to Colin Kaepernick? - #49ers

Twitter: @49ers_fans10

colin kaepernick: "Grind in silence! #IDontGetTired #WhoDoYouLove #Se7enPounds #7torms…" (via

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RT @erika_smyth6: My thoughts on Colin Kaepernick:

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“@RoastACeIeb: Colin Kaepernick” @Chanellelujan_ they roastin your man 😂😂😩

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RT @JimTomsula49: I'll take Colin Kaepernick over Russell Wilson anyday of the week.

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