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Congress on twitter
RT @RaymondSmith54: @BIZPACReview lol - congress warns. LMFAO. They've been locking his balls for 7 years and now they're gonna play tough …

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I didn't see single effort of congress candidate in my city towards election victory. #GujaratWithCongress

Twitter: @NandishChothani

RT @SteveSGoddard: "Bypassing Congress is unconstitutional. I will reverse it" - Candidate @BarackObama 2008

Twitter: @toddthiessen1

1448762042 Pro is to con as progress is to Congress #tcspf4247919392dc019d5835d76535db9aa

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RT @siona_gogoi: A person who took Congress to the ground level to the roads against the Land Bill @RajaBrar_INC #HBDRajaBrar #HBDRajaBrar

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RT @hariomji5: Both the Congress & the Congress paid #Media420 have agendas to fool & loot the Nation. Beware of them!…

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