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@NASA tweets to #ActOnClimate and yet congressional republicans still try to skew nasa's science to deny climate change

Twitter: @GalinskyMJavi

.@Rasmussen_Poll: Republicans & Democrats even on generic congressional ballot: #hsgovchat #sschat

Twitter: @conginst

Republicans Try to Convince Dems and Independents to Vote in Calif. Congressional Race via @ivn

Twitter: @Steven_A_Baker

It's sad that many Congressional Republicans have fallen for the "inter arma enim silent leges" maxim regarding #ISIS

Twitter: @ndinks

RT @PantanoLaw: OUTRAGE! Republicans in Congress fall all over themselves to support Obama's new war even though he did not seek Congressio…

Twitter: @CAsunshinegal

RT @sandyaschneider: Look at What A Democrat Congressional Candidate in Alabama said about Republicans.. @jt4congre…

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