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#Dahntahn #BeerStop (@ Sammy's Famous Corned Beef in Pittsburgh, PA)

Twitter: @oltramale

Just saw the best looking corned beef and chili cheese fries on my tl. Definitely going to Coney Island Tuesday

Twitter: @____Nanaa

i'm doing th eggs in bread in oven thing again but this time::not in a muffin pan, not with hamburger buns, with corned beef hash,

Twitter: @saltinies

Come in tonight for our Double Stacked House Smoked Corned Beef Reuben on marbled rye, with house…

Twitter: @FHStationHouse

I made a mistake. I just ate a two day old corned beef sandwich, and while it was delicious, it's not mixing well.

Twitter: @joekilgallon

Finally eating at Kaufman's. This corned beef and pastrami... is not legit.

Twitter: @babystew