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“@suirish91: @Frank_Coleman76 haha, Franks famous corned beef👍🍀” It's a Yankee Doodle Dandy!! 🍴🍻

Twitter: @Frank_Coleman76

@asdfghjaneo Hindi... I had a few scoops, tapos 'twas okay, tasted like corned beef until the third one. May weird smell siya tapos yun 😳

Twitter: @rochbandala

@Frank_Coleman76 haha, Franks famous corned beef👍🍀

Twitter: @suirish91

When my bf go to #mke imma make him bring me back a corned beef sammich lol haven't found that down here

Twitter: @MsTaylor85

Sue is making corned beef & cabbage tomorrow night for dinner! YAY! 😷

Twitter: @MarksMunchies

corned beef, fried egg and rice for my breakfast 🍴🍛☕️😁

Twitter: @JhenzAbejuro

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