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@ronaldright89 @RPCC_Expansion BTW you might want to add about 25% to the 187M for cost overruns. Guaranteed there will be some.

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Perhaps Ottawa, as NatCapl, should employ RCMP. That way, fedgov-related cost overruns become the feds' problem:

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@jonostrower And as a result of slack orders and massive development cost overruns, questions of confidence in the manufacturer and program.

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Sellafield clean-up bill jumps 10% to £53bn: National Audit Office says cost overruns continue to dog project

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Herrera says Medicaid expansion enrollment projections have been way off in other states, causing huge cost overruns & healthcare rationing

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Coun. @SudburyDeb begins by asking about report outlining staffing cost overruns...asking about why @GSPS_NEWS salary/benefits are over

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