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"SH*T HAPPENS"costing100's of millions of bucks in Bridge cost overruns!The BulletTrain to dwarf those damn deficits!

Twitter: @Hollywooddems

Cost overruns likely for Boston Olympics: #OlympicsBadForBoston

Twitter: @waring4

@KochsRuinedUSA @RianAlden @suecozza not to mention MASSIVE cost overruns because of cronyism in hiring the company that built the website

Twitter: @Wayn007

RT @no_boston2024: Every single city that hosts an Olympics ends up absorbing any cost overruns. It is fact. #Boston2024

Twitter: @fleurdiabolique

Sen Angel At #roanokeconf says that 30% of DOT budget goes to cost overruns. "Fix it before you fund it"

Twitter: @WashingtonFocus

@bmckib I take the initial cost estimates of all programs with a heaping scoop of salt. Defense is a prime example of cost overruns.

Twitter: @rkelchen