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RT @JoThriller: Happy bd to da brother @APASSMUSIC another year to be big and beta #twookya


Damian Lillard da career high: 43 punti contro gli Spurs

Twitter: @sportandoIT

@juffery @robboma3 @cwilson93 where in the bible does it say his da wore pink??

Twitter: @Colin_McD1980

RT @1DgoIndonesia: DA ZARRY FEELS OMAGAT 💐 #GlobalArtistHMA One Direction

Twitter: @putriii66

RT @ALETTAOCEANXXXX: The best boobs in da industry

Twitter: @Dickdog76

Skrillex - Dirty Vibe with Diplo, CL, & G-Dragon (OFFICIAL VIDEO): da leaderzzzz <333

Twitter: @valeriastri

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