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Ain't nobody on da hwy...

Twitter: @KoolKlikkBeezy

RT @_darealbutta: Lor skeeza Kara blocked me on da gram, bitch ain't nobody wanna look at ya stale ass track anyway, 😂😂

Twitter: @a1_tyrell

RT @Remoleah: My fAv @mr_dust20: Whistling to bed @callHerMotso:Lulo Cafe-...uhmm wats da name of da song..bed whispers or wat wat..anyhu..…

Twitter: @callHerMotso

@kaymichelleee why da fuq am I mentioned in this? 😂

Twitter: @william_nuccio

RT @AuldH: @Gus_da_Dog You such a clever dog Gus. Just right for #gigatownnsn

Twitter: @SilkeNSN

RT @StevStiffler: teacher: eyes on your own paper me: bitch my eyes are always on da paper *throws cash everywhere* class: ayyyyyeeee

Twitter: @Crazygirlariel