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When you compared the DNA evidence from the various murder scenes with the strands of hair from the defendant, what was your conclusion?

Twitter: @WrightiRuth

@AtheistEngineer @mynonbelief An infinite amount of tosses will not form the complexity of DNA. Sheer level of complexity=real evidence.

Twitter: @DAccampoFamily

Record no of people in US had convictions quashed in 2014; watch 1 man freed from death row after new DNA evidence

Twitter: @CaitrionaPerry

@PickieHolden @siamesey No DNA evidence corroborated alerts. Except that of Gerry #McCann blood in car.

Twitter: @ModNrodder

@ModNrodder @siamesey cadaverine comes from one place only and Grime knows without body or confession dna evidence needed #McCann

Twitter: @PickieHolden

It turns out Genghis Khan made a whole lot of us: DNA evidence suggests significant chunks of humanity may car...

Twitter: @wealthycoeds

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