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i hope i can find the dna evidence in time for april fool's

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Richard III DNA tests uncover evidence of further royal scandal

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@NellPMFdotNET In your world but not in the real world. All evidence points to Rudy Guess. You know the guy who left his DNA inside Meredith

Twitter: @Smalldeer66

@Smalldeer66 Lies to police. Accusation of innocent man, DNA in victim's blood. It's all evidence incriminating #AmandaKnox @kinoppete

Twitter: @NellPMFdotNET

Funny thing is if it ain't no other evidence for a case DNA always seem to keep the feds happy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯 @DNA_GTFOH

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RT @NafeezAhmed: .@SusannaKaukinen @akm510uk u've got it all wrong. U Nordic types r basically aliens. I have documentary evidence http://t…

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