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It's just he say she say right now and from the looks of it right now. There is no actual evidence such as video tape, DNA to convict Cosby.

Twitter: @Admire_MI_Glow

The only way Bill Cosby can be found guilty to be a serial rapist is that they actually have DNA evidence "semen" to convict him with.

Twitter: @Admire_MI_Glow

DNA evidence led detectives to William Gholston. He's been charged in connection with the death of Dominique Allen.

Twitter: @indystar

@Richywilson @shitatheistsay @Jwcreation1 @TheoryFail @CTMQ of that.. Similarities in fossil dna is evidence if just that.

Twitter: @lilyonguan

Some people out there are pressing this "repressed Memory" law I feel it in my bones. No DNA, No Evidence is needed and that is scary

Twitter: @ElkeHassell

Actually what's DNA evidence? y'all will say it was consensual.Y'all want a video of the assault. Because we can't trust the world of women

Twitter: @BoooooUWhore

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