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Dan Smith on twitter
who's in there classes @dan_sinnott @ChalkDaniel @Luke_W_Smith

Twitter: @Joe_Lewis3

@casual83 @Christoph0512 @carlweb884 So basically now, Leeds have got a fat wad but no manager to spend it, and no notable strikers? haha

Twitter: @dan_N_smith

@Luke5SOS hey luke look at this picture of dan smith from bastille and a penguin (are you jealous??)

Twitter: @withcalums

RT @RachelEavis1: Saw Dan Smith's picture with a penguin and now I'm just sort of crying to myself two fav things sigh

Twitter: @alsoknownaslou

Although I'm happy Dan Bentley has stayed, still think he is over rated and Ted Smith should play tonight

Twitter: @DanSuFcThomas

Dan Smith and a penguin in the same pic: life 100% made.

Twitter: @alsoknownaslou

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