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Darrell Issa on twitter
Saw Darrell Issa on the network news pretending to be outraged at the piss poor job the Secret Service is doing protecting Pres. Obama.

Twitter: @squeekyleaks

Darrell Issa Reacts To President Obama's ISIL Directives. #NERDLAND

Twitter: @DrTomMartinPhD

Darrell Issa is jealous that Lois Lerner talked to Politico

Twitter: @owensj4319

"Tell us how Obamacare has negatively effected you." ~ Darrell Issa #tcot #gop #TaxpayersMoney #FieldTrip #ApacheJunction

Twitter: @RightWingQuotes

@gregpinelo well we could start with the many run by domestic terrorist Darrell ISIL opps I meant Issa

Twitter: @underthematrix

Maybe #Darrell Issa can ask himself why HE voted to cut the Secret service Budget numerous times.

Twitter: @chasgustaf