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RT @BrilliantAdx: Awesome Liebherr crane demonstration: .

Twitter: @david_santano

@YumaFan15 David: "And before this monster attacks I send Crane to the Graveyard to double it's attack points." Sho: "Uh-oh."

Twitter: @Maurice_Bear

@YumaFan15 David: "Next I summon Buijin Quilin (ATK: 1600) nobut first I activate the effect of Buijingi Crane!"

Twitter: @Maurice_Bear

#Canada The Dutch Courtesan (New Mermaids): The Dutch Courtesan (New Mermaids) John Marston (Author), David Crane...

Twitter: @HazelA19

Duh, answered an IM from a Susan M. Crane...I knew a Susan Crane...she asked if I knew David Smith, Jr. - I told...

Twitter: @SherryjaneCooke

RT @HoopPlusTheHarm: Got this impression tonight, yeah. Color me a fan.

Twitter: @crane_pr