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Taylor Swift at the Late Show With David Letterman


RT @IGGYAZALEA: is taylor swift going to be the first artist with a 2014 new release to go platinum? i hope so! if no1 does it ill be depre…

Twitter: @David_Zakariah

Taylor Swift's Snarky Songs About Lousy Boyfriends - David Letterman

Twitter: @Lazybirdjazz

RT @TasteOfCountry: Pop looks good on @taylorswift13, who may sell a MILLION her first week.

Twitter: @David_Kelter

Taylor Swift's House Party - David Letterman calls Taylor Mother Theresa hahaha

Twitter: @Lazybirdjazz

RT @Jadaa11: “@TSwiftNZ: Taylor arriving to David Letterman this morning” @fanDAMNtastic14 😍😍😍

Twitter: @fanDAMNtastic14