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David Stern on twitter
@BarstoolBigCat Ebola wasn't invented until David Stern left the commissioners seat. Do the math people.

Twitter: @corekeen

@OkeraJ if David stern wouldn't have blocked the CP3 trade, the lakers would have saved 4 picks, 27 mill and the clippers would still suck

Twitter: @jaredbelinsky

@BarstoolBigCat there were no confirmed cases while David Stern was commissioner

Twitter: @ScotchB

David Stern was just a biased faggot that's why I'm glad he's gone

Twitter: @King2Serious

@espnradio would the Kobe article be as big as it is if David Stern didn't veto the CP3 trade?

Twitter: @BDeWitt12

She Think my bread is her paper to burn , so I lock her out now she doubt David is stern

Twitter: @SoFaKingHated