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@Deanofcomedy their terrorist group, The Stern Gang, bombed the King David Hotel back in the day. Legend has it that they dressed like women

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When the David Stern vetoed that CP3 to Lakers idea 😂 I will never forget

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Hard to believe Epstein's motives are motivated by anything but business. Did Theo really go David Stern, though? #BaseballReasons #LRT

Twitter: @Bryon_Vann

@IanBegley Worst run ORGANIZATION in NBA!! DAVID STERN says so!! At least this year we get a LOTTERY pick.

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Kim Jong Un is the nuttiest dictator I've hung out with since David Stern" - Dennis Rodman

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Today's Howard Stern Show: David Arquette, High Pitch Eric, Donnie Wahlberg, Jenny McCarthy and more.

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