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Bill Simmons explores the repercussions of David Stern and the league's decision to veto the Chris Paul ... via @espn

Twitter: @Jswaggg_24

@georgeescobra tsing pls if David Stern didn't veto the trade, Kobe probably would've had another ring by now lol

Twitter: @ejlingad

I'm no longer sure who I dislike less: David Stern or Roger Goodell?

Twitter: @ndrake3

so rondo can come to the already stacked mavs, and David stern vetoes the trade that would bring us cp3. come on now. 😒 #beconsistentatleast

Twitter: @cottonswabchris

RT @dylandreidin16: What if David Stern didn't veto the 3 team trade in 2011. Lakers would have the big 3 right now (Paul,Bryant,Howard) an…

Twitter: @DurkeYap

David Stern can eat my balls

Twitter: @Vojnikbeno