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RT @DEELO_Gc: Christmas is probably my favourite time of year 👌! If it actually snowed during december it would be alot better tho!

Twitter: @laurencozart_

RT @_youngqveen: October, November and December are the best months to look forward to 🎃🍗🎅

Twitter: @__janelll__

Guysss my birthday is December 20th😁

Twitter: @shaaai_xo

So America end of October, South Africa beginning of December, surely that means a @foofighters UK tour in November? #hoping!

Twitter: @WRSarah

Hi we're MADPortsmouth and have been friends since December - love the only people in this picture

Twitter: @MADPortsmouth

RT @OfficalKingZeus: Real niggas birthday 😂😂 🎊🎉 🎈 September 🎂 🎈 July 🎂 🎈 December 🎂 🎈 October 🎂 🎈 June 🎂 🎈 January 🎂 🎈 May 🎂 🎈 April 🎂 🎈 …

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