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December on twitter
You give me all your love, and all I gave you was goodbye.. ♫ Back to December by @taylorswift13 —

Twitter: @elyuhuu

@Sentaifilmworks has a lot of good releases coming in November and December!

Twitter: @tylerrr511

Excited because intern is going to end in December. I am already looking forward to that day.

Twitter: @mxrsyahidah

@JanetJealousy please follow me janet I've been a huge fan since xf and I'm coming to see you in december 🙊💖 #Janetfollowspree

Twitter: @swifts1989

listening to zayn's voice is like drinking a mug of hot chocolate under a blanket by the fire on a cold day in december

Twitter: @braveherozayn

Lol. I really probably visit Syracuse until the beginning of December. Honestly.

Twitter: @noYAMShere_