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I want to skip forward to the 1st of December

Twitter: @chatbags95

RT @tbhjustunicorn: September: 🍁☀🌾 🏈 October: 🎃👻🍂🍃 🏀 November: 👪🍗🍝🍖 🍛 December: 🎁🎄🎅 ⛄️❄️😎 January: 🎉🎊🕔🍸🍹🍷🍻 February: 👫🌹🍫💍💌💎💏 I'm not ready

Twitter: @Lisa_Grabowski

Yaaassssss december 19th is almost here!!!

Twitter: @T_Lintrice

RT @milesmaker: #RIP Film Lab New York will shut down December 19th. It's the last motion-picture film processing and printing facility in …

Twitter: @billreviews

RT @JackJackJohnson: Come see our hometown show on December 20th! There's still some tickets available. It's gonna be fun.…

Twitter: @harryspinosa

Can't wait til December. Walk across that stage and I'm out Towson!!

Twitter: @_GDPhil_

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