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See the promo of our new play happening on Sunday December 7 2014 at the Federal Palace Hotel

Twitter: @Livetiataonsun

What are you all doing next Friday 5 December? Don't forget, it is #DigbethFirstFriday and there is lots on:

Twitter: @grandunionltd

birthday : 6th December.

Twitter: @LucaArcana_RPH

7th December fly back to Kl, and on 8th start course. Tight schedule 😊

Twitter: @AkibZaidin

Dr Will Davies to run workshop on Biomedical Genetics at Gower College Swansea on Tuesday 2nd December

Twitter: @BGGCardiff

@AshleyD my pleasure! can't wait for 1 december :)

Twitter: @missxandrabee

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