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@mayabaaaker ill do this for u

Twitter: @Delta_Genesis

I wish Charley company had 60 people in or company lmfaoo omg but we won Honor company against bravo delta and alpha so I can't complain😌👏

Twitter: @destabilll

RT @GPHI_KSU: Grab something to eat tonight at Freddy's to support Delta Sig Dogs!! #woof

Twitter: @JeanetteLaF

5.0 out of 5 stars Half military thriller, half supernatural horror, all fun! Delta Force Vampire: Insurgency

Twitter: @alexshawhetman

Delta Red in the house!!!#stewardess #crewlife #training #atlanta!!!

Twitter: @regentricardo

#6: ANCHOR DELTA FASTSET 22 pound ANCHOR DELTA FASTSET 22 poundby Lewmar(2)Buy new: $19...

Twitter: @genevieve457