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KIPP Delta is coming to the Forrest City community in the 2015-2016 school year! Check out this video to learn more!

Twitter: @KIPPDelta

Delta State University: Lorenza D. McCoy; [undated].

Twitter: @msdiglib

RT @FollowTrainsG: Gamer Follow Train ! 1) Follow Me ! 2) Retweet This.! 3) Follow All Who Retweet ! 4) Gain Active Followers. -- 🔄 634

Twitter: @DELTA__101_

@Chaz_EM_Rash I'll be in delta ..

Twitter: @kattprezz

@nicpetrak @JeevesSF for diamond fliers, Delta will deliver you to your gate in a Porsche Cayenne. no waiting with peasants.

Twitter: @MikeynotMike

RT @hzrdify: I liked a @YouTube video from @deltateam__ DeltaTeam New intro ! @delta_excon

Twitter: @DeltaTeaM__