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Another THRIVE success story!!! Check out what the THRIVE Experience is doing for Allen!!! Congrats Allen!!!...

Twitter: @DenTHRIVES

@NPowellFF Dennis Allen as our head of PR

Twitter: @_MATT_GEIGER

@AaronGIl Josh Mcdaniels, Dennis Allen, you name it, denver has some real talent at developing young coaches

Twitter: @h2oman11

@negretee_16 @TrapDorian28G if anything you'll be the Dennis Allen of coaches

Twitter: @Fabian_FNFUp

@h2oman11 Wasn't actually. More referring to his old boss, Dennis Allen

Twitter: @AaronGIl

Looking at the number, why did Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen bring Schaub to the Raiders again?? #fail

Twitter: @PoweredbyBMW