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@oakland627 @Dan905 The word "Evaluate" in my ears, sounds like the word "Dennis Allen"... Makes me sick!!

Twitter: @KingdumOfJaames

“@NFLRT: Madden 15: Dennis Allen Edition Check out the 32 funny #Madden15 Covers:” you're**

Twitter: @yeeejy

Late post. Sending my man Dennis Allen @dallensequel a huge happy birthday shout out. Epic party this…

Twitter: @ImNateJames

@MUT4LifeWalker Dennis Allen coach. No rush just when ya can. Thanks man.

Twitter: @xiCardinal

Another THRIVE success story!!! Check out what the THRIVE Experience is doing for Allen!!! Congrats Allen!!!...

Twitter: @DenTHRIVES

@NPowellFF Dennis Allen as our head of PR

Twitter: @_MATT_GEIGER