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@itsangieohyeah Yup, we have to see some improvement or else Dennis Allen will get the boot real soon

Twitter: @eastladodgerfan

Raiders coach #Dennis #Allen talks around questions on job speculation: Dennis Allen’s job could be in trouble…

Twitter: @hihidco

I refuse to be excited and be All In as long as Dennis Allen, Tarver, and Olson are on staff.

Twitter: @SamwiseJohngee

@andybehrens thanks for last weeks advice, good call! I got another one for you this week, Dennis Pitta or Dwayne Allen? Week 3?

Twitter: @SuliG23

Dennis Allen need to get fired his make my @RAIDERS look back

Twitter: @Tayarie_B

RT @JustBlogBaby: When Dennis Allen gets fired, the #Raiders season will already be a lost cause at that point. Rooting for his demise is s…

Twitter: @AlanElRappero