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Department Of Defense on twitter
RT: US Moves Tripoli Embassy Personnel to Tunisia - Department of Defense #Tunisia

Twitter: @RT3Tunisia

Oh hey Papa Argent. Nice to see you working with the Department of Defense in this episode.

Twitter: @IzadoraTyrell

War profits a quarter of senators and congressmen who have invested in companies doing business with the department of defense.

Twitter: @MGandhiPeace

RT @Lana: oh my god I obviously knew Nelly didn't actually take over the department of defense's twitter but thanks for the explanation

Twitter: @WillHarahan

it is revealed the Pentagon had offered JJ the position of a liaison for the Department of Defense,

Twitter: @JJ_BAU

The U.S. Department of Defense informs that AMSEC LLC; CDI Marine Co. LLC; and Q.E.D. Systems Inc., (all located...

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