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@deepgreendesign Wargames on 9/11: (sub-clip) Dick Cheney ran the wargames? #cdnpoli #BushLeague #FalseFlags #BlackOps #TheGreatConspiracy

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RT @tinyrevolution: How did Dick Cheney get it so right in 2002 about Iraq & the mideast's future? It's like he had a crystal ball: http://…

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See Trending Tweets Concerning Dick Cheney on 10/24/2014

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RT @adamkotsko: Imagine playing chicken with Dick Cheney or Steve Jobs or Jamie Dimon. You know they'd take it all the way. No hesitation.

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website that’s secretly owned by Dick Cheney?"

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#Cheney in Post 9/11 Era May Be to Thank on #Ebola Vaccine: Health via @Newsmax_Media

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