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Dick Cheney on twitter
MSNBC to Rand Paul: Leave Dick Cheney alone! | Mofo Politics

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@koconews. What could go wrong there? Dick Cheney show up? #DUCK

Twitter: @IdaGreyBenden

Cowardly Rand Paul Caves, Bows Down, and Kisses The Ring of Dick Cheney I always thought he was a little weasel!!!

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Rand Paul Explains His Controversial Comments About Dick Cheney - DOVER, N.H. — On... #thoughtprocess

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Plz clk n ad f u lk: Rand Paul in 2009: Dick Cheney Led U.S. into #Iraq to Benefit... #DickCheney #RandPaul

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@VocalMinoritySD @woedoctor @SacBuntChris like Dick Cheney with the vice presidency!

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