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Dick Cheney on twitter
@Doc_68W_ I thought GW Bush and Dick Cheney controlled IRAQ>>>>They hang Leaders don't they,,,the Torture Twins

Twitter: @playacondado

#CDNpoli Lawyers wanted Cheney arrested for war crimes when he came to Vancouver #NoWarWithSyria

Twitter: @Political_Porn

#Cdnpoli #NoWarWithSyria "Canada "obliged" by law to charge [Cheney] when accused of crimes like torture"

Twitter: @Political_Porn

#Cdnpoli Canada ratified intn'l convention against torture - legally bound to arrest Bush, Cheney #NoWarWithSyria

Twitter: @Political_Porn

John Boehner is a legislator in the same way Dick Cheney is a Vietnam vet: Both avoided service to their country.

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@Saerak use Dick Cheney pics

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