Topic: Dollar Tree
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Dollar Tree on twitter
In dollar tree wit lonvon19 and this what I see. Really? #icant

Twitter: @smiley131

RT @ABC7News: Dollar Tree buying rival Family Dollar for $8.5 billion.

Twitter: @Rose_SkylarRose

RT @latimes: .@hiltzikm says the merger between Dollar Tree and Family Dollar Stores shows just how badly Americans are doing…

Twitter: @LyndaChiang

I love the dollar tree... How about that BrownThrifty you would be proud... Lol

Twitter: @DujuanBibbs

My gma just spent over $130 at the Dollar Tree. jfc

Twitter: @RaiseMyBars

RT @trendinaliaUS: On Monday 28, 'Dollar Tree' was Trending Topic in United States for 6 hours: #trndnl

Twitter: @thatbitchrocky

Dollar Tree Books
David Sedaris, $4.28
An American Childhood
Annie Dillard, $7.80
Orhan Pamuk, $2.34