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RT @DufferinRider: @crobins72ca You don't see Kevin Clark getting this kind of coverage. Of course he doesn't have a horse.

Twitter: @crobins72ca

RT @IARTG: @bigpoppapotts79 @alizarn @JATempleton @Ronspins @Don_Chichii @MommyIves Welcome to the Indie Author Retweet Group! #IARTG #welc…

Twitter: @Norm_Clark

RT @LukePuoch: When I die don't show my mom my twitter acc 😴

Twitter: @madi812_clark

@kizza_1988 don't be scared of rejection (Clark, J, 2014) - IBIZA QUOTES

Twitter: @JimboClark61

@Corey_Clark Finally spaces for people who don't drive compact cars?

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RT @InmanNews: Clients pre-approved for a mortgage? 6 Do’s and Don’ts while they wait to close via @InmanNext @Active

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