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@EricJdaking @3letterman lol my guess? doug christie, benchwarmer at the time and was prolly dating chicks who would be at a club biggie at

Twitter: @blackjackraf

Doug Christie should be ashamed of himself, letting his wife act so stupid

Twitter: @dittonmqze57987

@RickFox @DenimSports @SwishNBA You deserve to get punched again. Where's Doug Christie when you need him?

Twitter: @TylerProbst10

@mattjoye Whichever series saw Doug Christie's face get MMA'd by Kobe.

Twitter: @LCoastOffense

American Bridge PAC: Education Bullies Chris Christie And Doug Ducey Hit The Trail Together

Twitter: @AZWildcatMom

@TylerProbst10 I keep waiting for CWebb to tag Doug Christie in.

Twitter: @DJBhiphop