Topic: Doug Christie
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Doug Christie on twitter
@jesusg23 you still got that Doug Christie Fade ?

Twitter: @BoogalooShrimpp

Bruh Little Ceasers is Packed .. they might've thought @jesusg23 was Doug Christie With that Fade pri

Twitter: @BoogalooShrimpp

@jaymohr37 I remember the first time I got Kentuckyed, best day of my life. -Chris not Doug Christie #jaymohrsports

Twitter: @lcrushalotl

@VizzyMasters Doug Christie mixed with Kerry Kittles then

Twitter: @SGSFranchise

@netw3rk nah. It's never the hippies. Doug Christie however.....

Twitter: @drichardbailey

"@Sports_Fanfare: @3letterman Do you want to share with our followers who your all time favorite New York Knicks player is?"Doug Christie

Twitter: @3letterman