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Drew Brees on twitter
These Saints were never underachieving #DrewBrees

Twitter: @NewsDrewBrees

Joe Morgan, Pierre Warren among notables in Saints' Week 12 snap counts #DrewBrees

Twitter: @NewsDrewBrees

RT @SSChallenge_: Did you miss @drewbrees interview with @CNN about the @SSChallenge_ ? Check it out here!

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RT @Saints: Payton and Drew Brees will speak with the media around 2 pm CT. Watch Live: #NOvsPIT

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More #dailyfantasysports #nfl #nba #FantasyBasketball #FantasyHockey at New #dfs Watch Drew Brees explain ENJOY!

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RT @RealSkipBayless: It's amazing how far the Saints have fallen at home. Drew Brees just isn't Drew Brees any more.

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