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Happy ESP Day to hardworking ISTA Education Support Professionals @istamembers #NEArESPect #ISTArESPect @NEArESPect

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@JosephBrandon8 I can’t believe we subsidize the franchises and stadiums even as we cut programs that help everyone in the country esp poor

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@_lovenote_ @athletes_pro if you believe this tweet you are fucking crazy esp tt pic

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RT @SantaFaustynaIT: ✤❯ Eng➟ @SantaFaustyna Esp➟ @SantaFaustynaES Fr➟ @SantaFaustynaFR It➟ @SantaFaustynaIT Pol➟ @SantaFaustynaPL Por…

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RT @justhefangirl: @JadinePublicist hi ate jp! can you pls remind JaDines to vote for pop (esp thru texts) and rawr awards?? :) love youuu …

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@SundownFestival hi will u be releasing any flight details esp epik high?;-;

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