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Rotherham Women's Counselling Service can use every penny, esp now: small charity supporting rape and abuse survivors

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@FunLovingAlways @beesbudoir @3vinsongirls @kimmycorn @neworleans06 @wishiwasbeth @micjul94 No way. Need it ESP in winter w the heat runn'n

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@BHGLiveBetter LOVE this! I love adding splashes of color to my rooms and this is just #PERFECT! Esp. for our kitchen! #WalmartWednesday

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Esp if u were drinkin the previous day "@OL_EYY: Bruh "@Lemii_On: To be honest,go kaka gomonate.""

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@vanityparty @SUNNY291056 Olease puy the media in its place., esp Ahmed Goswami. Many thanks

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RT @epicurious: Fruit salads (esp these colorful ones) are great ways to close out the season:

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