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RT @obiterdictum_00: Don't waste your time and effort arguing with skeptics most esp. haters/bashers, it comes with the job. Just continue …

Twitter: @diocyigloria

RT @Iamhumanwhoru: #Kaththi MO - @actorsathish neenga theri mass bro,the timing of ur comedy was great. esp. ur dialogue-"appo I love him d…

Twitter: @sweetprem2k3

@JoyceLauNews you'll like that one! "Go after your own dream" Lord Patten on #highered at @ieuniversity during @hayfestival_esp #Segovia

Twitter: @GeoffroyGerard

I can't move on to this pic esp tashyung's ... And jungkook's hearteu sign

Twitter: @Naejungkookie_

RT @MBFacts8: You Won’t Believe What Someone Found On Google Maps. Creepy. Esp #8.

Twitter: @mwdosh94

@hunofxo yesseu -_- i miss you all. Esp you /pokes

Twitter: @beijingboi

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