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The Eagles travel to San Jose Friday for the @BCPSports Holiday Tournament. Varsity vs. the Bells in an ADHSHL game to start Friday at 7PM.

Twitter: @SMEaglesHockey

#np #NowPlaying on Angie FM: #Eagles - Wasted Time #Retro

Twitter: @Angie_FM_CILY

I'm giving away: Spain 1957 5 PTAs foreign coin. Check it out - #listia

Twitter: @Eagles_1975

@TheRyanParker I'm hoping for an update episode when/if the legal eagles get their dna motion ruling.

Twitter: @Sir_RLongshanks

RT @ADMU_WVT: Offers from Southeast Asian clubs for 5 Lady Eagles! But they had to refuse them. #OBF

Twitter: @dyAmEs23

Coming to the Eagles game from Cumru Township and want a date? Call 800-939-7138, Click

Twitter: @ExecutiveChoice

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