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This weather commands a Playlist of Ben Howard, Ed Sheetal, Justin Nozuka and a little bit of Ray Lamontagne.

Twitter: @mfaye618

Vance Joy, Ed Sheeran, James Morrison, Ben Howard, Jack Johnson and John Mayer all in one room. #imaginethat #someonemakeithappenplease

Twitter: @jendaly_

Ed Sheeran Howard: It was a difficult conversation to have, he was my friend, so it was a bit like "not okay but ..."

Twitter: @nialloficial99

Ed Sheeran & Howard Stern Talk Taylor Swift, Performances & Drinking

Twitter: @iHowardSternFan

RT @1DUSAUpdate: So where exactly did ed "confirm" that Ellie cheated with niall?? Bc in this I see no proof at all.

Twitter: @bellinaMG

Ed Sheeran Basically Admits Someone From One Direction Stole His Girlfriend! Don't Miss This Revealing Int...

Twitter: @mammybear21