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It's weird that English speakers say i love you very often, also to strangers. In italian we don't say it this much

Twitter: @GinnyS18

though here most of my followers are native english speakers. feeeel me

Twitter: @d4rc3y

@captain_panties prob cus english-speakers tend to want individuality, since japanese custom is like to blend in. that's the main diff.

Twitter: @Errorthritis

Not celebrating important dates is just a great loss for the English learning background for the lack of its speakers' cultural perspective.

Twitter: @wh1skeyrose

RT @AfricaFactsZone: Nigeria has Africa's most fluent English speakers and the highest rate of fluent English speakers in Africa.

Twitter: @macboltz4real57

Has anyone ever notice in #Hollywood films: foreign #language speakers will switch to #English for lines relevant to the story? #why?

Twitter: @dominicdurocher