Topic: Erin Banks
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Erin Banks on twitter
Erin banks shuffle 💃

Twitter: @hay_cherylhay

@K1ngDev A Banks called him a tribute band. Accurate or not, that was premium slander.

Twitter: @greer_erin

RT @Tyyyrrraa: Erin stay calling me banks 😂😋

Twitter: @_princessErinn

HAPPY 21st @ericaknight1994 🎉🎉 Banks wants some cake.. & so does Erin.

Twitter: @erinnicjayy

@bret_banks @Jake_Swann37 bret you got mad that Erin was snapping her too ya know

Twitter: @taylorlivesay15

@bret_banks @Shayne_H00 @hartsellerin1 @Jake_Swann37 thanks to you guys Erin will be seeing a restraining order first thing in the morning

Twitter: @taylorlivesay15